A full solution for providing secure VPN access to company’s network for employees from any place with Internet connectivity.

Classical recipe

Implementation of secure portal for remote access is not a piece of cake, it needs some advanced components and good planning.

Step 1

Hire network administrator and buy network equipment with VPN support, don't forget about licenses for client connections;

Step 2

Obtain static IP-address from your provider and register DNS records, if neccesary;

Step 3

Setup your VPN and network, configure firewall and access rules;

Step 4

Create web interface and connect it to the database and RADIUS authentication server;

Step 5

Prepare configuration profiles for each mobile platform, add unique end-user's parameters to each profile;

Step 6

Send configuration profiles to the end-users, explain them how to install and use VPN.

Understanding the problem

It takes too much resources and time to implement secure portal for remote access. You have to support end-users and servers after implementation, it's something you've probably never thought much about.


Applications for remote control, popular cloud services or secure access via VPN Box

Applications for remote control require installation on your computer, provide single session access and use untrusted communication channels.
Single session access.
Cloud services are designed for file exchange only. Nobody knows who may have access to your files.
File exchange only.
VPN Box provides full access to the corporate subnet. It's easy to install and administer. Maximum security.
Full access to the corporate subnet.


Recipe from INFOSS

Step 1

Order VPN Box and plug it into the corporate network;

Step 2

Register your employees in the administration portal. They'll get configuration profiles automatically and can start to use VPN immediately.


You have flexible and secure access to the corporate network with full control over users and shared resources.

All popular mobile and desktop platforms are supported.

VPN Box summary

  VPN Box VPN Box Pro
Network 3 Ethernet ports 10/100-Base T 3 Ethernet ports 10/100/1000-Base T
RAM 256 MB 2048 MB
CPU 500 MHz 32 bit 1 GHz dual core 64 bit
IPSec bandwidth up to 50 MBit/s up to 1000 MBit/s
Cloud VPN connections
Direct VPN connections ("Active" mode) ✔* ✔*
Wireless ("Air" mode) IEEE 802.11n* IEEE 802.11n*
Wireless speed up to 300 MBit/s* up to 300 MBit/s*
Power supply 18V, 1300 mA DC 12V, 2000 mA DC

* Optional feature
Virtual images (VMWare, KVM, QEMU, XEN, Hyper-V) are avaliable on request.



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